“We are brought up to always be strong and never to show weakness even if we were. We are brought up that emotions should always be controlled and that there is no such thing as mental illness or depression per se. It’s a just another bad day and everyone has bad days. What society and families don’t understand is that depression and particularly severe depression can actually and effectively make a human being completely dysfunctional. It strips him/her from every single weapon that we as human beings use to live our daily lives and leaves us naked, open to the whims of the evil destructive powers of depression. I lost interest in literally everything, anything, and anyone around me. I quit my job, kept myself locked in the room away from anything that is related to social interaction. I basically lost the incentive to live. I preferred death over life. I stopped eating and went into an anorexic phase where my BMI dropped to 12 (normal is 18-24).”