“Into the Dawn” walk took place on Sunday September 21st at 5:00AM. The Into the Dawn Memorial Walk is intended to provide a community support environment for those who have been affected by suicide. The walk is an opportunity to reflect and provide support to those of who have experienced first-hand the effects of suicide. It was attended by a crowd of 150 people, among them individuals who have themselves suffered mental illness and suicidal thoughts, individuals who have themselves attempted suicide, families and friends who have lost someone to suicide, activists and members of the community who are affiliated with this cause, and mental health professionals in the field of psychiatry and psychology. As of 4.30 AM on Sunday morning, participants in the walk began gathering at the starting point at Beit Ward Restaurant on Raouche. At 5.40 AM, the crowd began walking silently into the twilight for 1 KM which ended in front of Raouche Rock where participants absorbed the message that this rock spoke out for the first time.

"اذا فينا نضن صخرة الروشة، سوى فينا نحضن أي انسان حتى ما ينتحر شخص كل 3 أيام بلبنان".

The walk was also attended by the non-profit organization Beirut Biennial for the Image who participated in the walk by reciting the works of several artists who have recently died of suicide. At the end point, several candle shaped memorial walls were set up in front of the Raouche sea rock and participants slowly started gathering to place photos of, names and messages to those they have lost to suicide. Several participants in the walk had the courage to speak out in front of the crowd at Raouche either expressing their own struggles with mental illness or their long-lasting pain towards those they have lost to suicide. As it began, the walk ended on a note of hope, reflection, recovery, and prevention.